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Image by JD  Mason

Guiding Couples

In every relationship, there will be moments of, 'disconnection.'  No relationship is perfect, nor should we ever want it to be.  The true beauty of love is brought out not only the happy times but in times of confinement and despair.  The key to reconnection lies uniquely in your hands.  Whether it be a blocked connection between you and the one that you love or even just one side feeling out-of-touch with the other and not knowing how to reconnect- I will Spiritually guide you through releasing any hidden norms, so communication becomes easier again; then work together toward repairing your bond that was once so strong.


During our first connection, we will formulate a unique healing plan for you & your partner. From there, we will begin identifying and utilizing the many Spiritual practices to reconnect and realign your heart and Soul. 

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