Semicircle of Crystals

Guiding You Through Grief

To help you with the emotional pain that naturally occurs during the grievance process; Christine Poccia has co-created a unique Spiritually guided grievance program designed to help fill the void of loss; the void many of us carry with us, each and every day. Losing a loved one can be beyond devastating. The grievance process can be unimaginable. While will work on gaining the appropriate guidance; allowing you to find the strength and faith to heal. We will explore regrets, pent-up feelings, and create a special space to hold memorial for the one you miss the most.

During our virtual session, we will focus on helping you let go of the past, old emotions, and any baggage you may be holding on to. We will embark on a journey of spiritual renewal and healing. We will focus on empowerment, positive affirmations and manifestations, and following the direction of your heart. Session by session, I will accompany you on your journey towards healing and help encourage you to thrive, not just survive. Through focusing on releasing and rebuilding, we will help you become the person you were meant to be.