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This 10 mm Black Obsidian Bracelet with a solid stainless steel Cross pendant is a handcrafted masterpiece. The protective tourmalines are carefully chosen and then double-strung to ensure it's as protected for you! Wear this piece during any time of day or night, and feel its energies work with yours in protection from lower vibrations that may be trying to affect your Divine Femininity or Divine Masculinity.


The black obsidian stones are known for their protective powers, and the stainless steel pendant is tarnish resistant with a cross to symbolize your Divine Faith and protection. A must-have for our Divine Feminine or Divine Masculines.


A Powerful Statement Piece. Wear this bracelet for protection from negative lower vibrational energies.


Obsidian Bracelet + Cross Pendant

SKU: 0066666
$99.00 Regularna cena
$77.00Cena Rabatowa
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  • Style: Made to Order to Ensure the Perfect Fit.

    Materials: Genuine 10mm Black Tourmaline Gemstones with a Solid Stainless Steel Pendant Cross.

    Type: Elastic/Stretch Polyester Bracelet, Double Strung.

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