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Infused with energy, this magical, custom, hand-made Genuine White Moonstone Bracelet is perfect for either Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine aiming to add a touch of elegance to their style. Made with the highest quality 8 mm White Genuine Moonstones to energize your inner being and allow you to connect with your true inner magic!  

For centuries, Moonstones have been known for their magical capabilities, including increasing fertility, attracting love, protecting and connecting us to the Universal Power of the Moon, uplifting your mood, and absorbing positive energy. Finished with two stainless steel accent Cross pendants universally connect you to the Divine. A powerful tool for either the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine who is looking to bring a touch of magic into their life!

Moonstone Bracelet + Cross

SKU: 0001111
Brak w magazynie
  • 8 mm Genuine White Moonstone Bracelet with Two Stainless Steel Cross Pendants.

  • We know you're excited about your new bracelets! Rest assured that they'll be shipped out within five days of order placement. Christine will keep you updated on all steps of the delivery process until they arrive at your home! Orders exceeding five bracelets may increase delivery by 1 - 2 business days. 

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