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This hand-crafted rare Jade Gemstone Bracelet is a Masterpiece. This 10 mm genuine Jade bracelet has benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, promoting compassion and renewal, and calming and soothing your heart & soul. Part of the Christine Poccia Collection, this Jade bracelet is handmade and hand-tied by Christine herself.


Jade's properties allow us to call upon our higher self, make the right decisions, balance our emotions, and bring a little luck. Wear alone or in pairs for the perfect look. Custom and made to order to ensure the proper fit & double-strung to ensure it is as protected as we are.


A must-have for our Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine! Versatile & Powerful.

Jade Gemstone Bracelet

SKU: 0099999
65,00$ Regularna cena
59,00$Cena Rabatowa
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  • Details: Handmade. Made to Order to ensure the perfect fit.

    Materials: 10mm Genuine Jade Gemstones.

    Type: Elastic/Stretch Polyester Double Strung, Custom Bracelet.

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