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Introducing the Black Larvikite Gemstone Bracelet from Christine Poccia - the perfect adornment for any healer! If you're looking to build up your Spiritual strength and protect yourself from negative influences, this is the perfect piece of jewelry for you.


The bracelet's 8mm Larvikite beads are exquisitely designed with an elastic/stretch fit, making it a timeless, elegant addition to your wardrobe. Perfect for both Divine Masculines and Divine Feminines. Each bead is the powerful energy of Larvikite, one of the most protective gems known to healers.


For those looking to amplify their Spiritual journey, the Black Larvikite Gemstone Bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry to bring light, joy, and protection into your life. Make the intentional choice to add this beautiful bracelet to your jewelry collection and let it be your companion as you go about your healing work.


All Bracelets Are Available in Children's Sizing As Well. Please Specify Sizing At Checkout.

Larvikite Gemstone Bracelet

SKU: 111222
50,00$ Regularna cena
45,00$Cena Rabatowa
  • Details: Handmade. Custom. Made to Order.

    Materials: Black Larvikite Gemstones.

    Type: Elastic/Stretch: Polyester; Double Strung. 

    Size: Made to Order to ensure the perfect fit. 

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