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Uniquely handcrafted by Christine Poccia and custom-sized, This truly magical Fertility Intention Bracelet is intended for our Divinest Feminines. With rainbow color-inspired beads to truly embody the infertility journey to motherhood.


Available in 10mm, custom made to fit, this fused Mystic Aura Matte Mermaid Glass shimmers and shines from the inside out. This shimmer effect is uniquely created by permanently fusing two hemispheres of mermaid glass together to make each unique 10 mm round bead. Each half embodies a slightly different color with a unique matte finish. The unusual effect makes this bracelet glow from within.


Finished off with a solid stainless steel pendant, this bracelet is a must-have for our Divine Feminine looking to bring back a little magic in their lives! 

Hand-strung & infused with intentions of fertility and new beginnings, this unique piece has been designed to energize your inner being and allow you to connect with your true inner magic, bringing true abundance & fertility to you. Our thoughts become our things, our things, our life.


10mm Mystic Aura Matte Mermaid Glass Bracelet with Stainless Steel Pendant.

Fertility Bracelet

SKU: 1111111
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  • 10mm Mystic Aura Matte Mermaid Glass Bracelet with Stainless Steel Pendant.

    Type: Matte Frosted Round, Dark Blue, Iridescent Glass Round Beads


    Size: Custom 

  • We know you're excited about your new bracelets! Rest assured that they'll be shipped out within five days of order placement, and if there is any delay, Christine will keep you updated on all steps of the delivery process until they arrive at your home! Orders exceeding ten bracelets may increase delivery by 1 - 2 business days. 

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