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Step into the enchanting world of Christine Poccia's healing boutique and discover the mystical beauty of our Stainless Steel Northern Light Aurora Borealis Crystal Tear Drop Earrings. With their mesmerizing shades of emerald green, sapphire blue, and regal purple, these earrings capture the essence of the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, transporting you to a whimsical wonderland of nature's splendor.


Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these earrings exude an otherworldly radiance that glimmers and glistens in the light, casting a spellbinding glow. Designed to balance your mind, body, and Soul, these earrings will elevate your style and promote healing and positivity.


Whether wearing them for a night out with friends, to a formal event or just for everyday sparkle, the Northern Light Tear Drop Earrings will create a magical aura around you and inspire all who encounter you. Indulge in a must-have accessory that is sure to enchant and awaken the magic within.

Northern Light Teardrop Earrings

SKU: 555143
Pozostało w magazynie: 1
  • Sterling Silver & Aurora Borealis Crystal Tear Drop Earrings 2.65 inch

    Crystals Size: 0.29 inch * 0.59 inch

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