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Manifest the magic; your magic is YOU! This beautiful, handmade bracelet is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of magic to their style. Made with magical 8mm gemstones, this bracelet features a blue luster and a flickering inside irisation that will make you feel truly magical!


This 8mm hand-crafted Magical Manifestation Bracelet dares to be different. It invites you to set your intention to the Universe prior to creation. It is then carefully hand-strung by Christine Poccia to create this uniquely powerful, lightweight Intention Bracelet. 


Strung with high-quality gemstones, hand-selected, crafted, and tied by Christine Poccia, each stone has been individually selected for its unique color and energy patterns. This piece can be worn day or night and will become one of your most treasured jewelry pieces! Wear it as you would any other bracelet, and feel the energies as they work with you to help manifest your desires into reality!



Manifestation Bracelet

SKU: 0077777
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  • Details: Handmade.

    Materials: 8mm Gemstones with a solid stainless steel pendant.

    Type: Elastic/Stretch Polyester Double Strung Custom Bracelet.

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