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Introducing a new addition to Christine Poccia’s Collection: The White Sage Floral Satchel - A divine fusion of floral scents and spiritual energies for your sacred cleansing and protection rituals. Arriving to you in a signature satin satchel: The aromas of the lilac and daisies will infuse with the potent power of white sage to purify your space, dispel negativity, and reawaken your spirit.


White sage has long been known for its purification properties, clearing away stagnant energies and making way for new beginnings. The White Sage Satchel takes this ancient wisdom to new heights with a heavenly blend that captures the soothing scent of lilacs, embodying protection and healing, alongside the brightness of daisies for their connection to the summer solstice and friendship.



Each White Sage Satchel is infused with the transformative power of protection and cleansing - the perfect companion for your mystical endeavors. Ward off negative energies, cleanse your aura and safeguard your spiritual wellbeing with ease and grace.

White Floral Sage Satchel

SKU: 000666
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