Journeying Through Infertility

In what feels like one of the most significant mom milestones, today may be that iconic day. And yes, I know, moms worldwide know precisely which one I am referring to; the one in which you change your youngest child's diaper for the last time. From here on out, it's car and truck toddler briefs followed by "mommy, potty, mommy." And in with that rush of emotion, it becomes hard to hold back the tears. Sometimes we are so busy going through the motions of life we never take that golden opportunity to STOP. Stop and look at how much time has passed since we honestly evaluated how far we have come. And the painstaking journey some of us travel to get there. And with that breath, one thing & one thing only comes to my mind. Infertility. Infertility & the journey it took to achieve motherhood. And it is within that thought that I feel compelled to share in the pain of so many others & truly tell you how brave & beautiful you indeed are.

Like many others, being a mother was not something I was ever willing to negotiate. My dream life always consisted of every bedroom filled with little beautiful smiling faces. Pile that on top of practicing as a Pediatric Nurse from 23. 'Baby fever' struck twice a shift, for the majority of us, at least. Daydreaming of playing 'hair & makeup with a smaller version of your Soul quickly becomes part of the Divine Feminine's day-to-day routine.

So, as we know, life doesn't always go as planned, and somewhere around 32, I was asked to confront my biggest fears; issues conceiving.

The majority of the world wouldn't be able to tell you, but 10% of all couples, in fact, struggle with infertility. The result is the same, whether diagnosed, idiopathic, or even a masculine issue. And in that statement comes waves and waves of disappointment. Disappointment and empathic pain for all of us who have treaded those waters at one time or another. All with the same dream in mind.

So, waking up during a time when the world is fighting over life versus rights, it is easy to remain lip locked on this challenging journey. And that is precisely when the pen and paper need to come out. The blogs need to be written; the stories shared. It is through sharing our unique heartbreak that we are able to propel one another forward on this unique journey of, well, life.

In fact, I genuinely believe that the silence surrounding infertility could be the single greatest hindrance in couples who need resources and high-quality information during this pain-stricken milestone in their life.

The all of it is that infertility has the ability to change how we see ourselves and the world. And it is somewhere along this turbulent journey that many of us stop feeling like fertility issues are happening to us. Instead, we begin to believe it is a part of who we are. And with that thought, memories of living in a constant state of fluctuating despair and hope come rushing back in. And with every month, every cycle, every blood draw, every near miss, the process cuts deeper and deeper. And if you have embarked on this journey, you know exactly what I mean.

While all of our stories are unique and different, it is essential to realize you are not walking it alone. We strip the taboos of their labels by speaking about the tough stuff. And when we strip the labels, we all feel safe to take our armor off. And when the armor comes off, we all become more aware. And in with awareness brings results.

Couples embarking on this infertility journey can feel stigmatized because of their diagnosis. It is still taboo, making them think they have somehow failed. By taking the time and raising awareness, we aim to motivate ourselves or someone we know who is dealing with the same pain. It is with the motivation couples are empowered to visit a specialist to detect and diagnose fertility problems with the appropriate treatment so the issue can, God willing, be resolved.

So with that being said, I felt like blogging about something different this month! And as I try to shine my bright light on this situation, know this; There are no miracles beyond the realm of possibility. Infertility is a label. And once we remove these labels, we take away the stigma. Once we remove the stigma, we can openly talk about the painful journey and how much it takes and gives on so many levels.

Miracles are lying in wait, Coming from the person who was told..." it was never going to happen"; it can, and it will. So whether you or someone you love is struggling, speak up. Believe in the miracles. Believe in your magic. Seek out the resources. And shine your light bright. You will be amazed at how good God actually is.

And if you need help along your journey, you can always find me on or

Have a magical, powerful day!



Christine, RN

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