Mercury Into Retrograde September 2022

I am thinking I should begin this spur-of-the-moment blog with some Astrology 101. It is late, and intuitively I feel some of us, including me, need a little refresher.

Astrologers & Spiritual beings alike believe that the Moon, stars, planets, and Sun affect happenings here on planet Earth. The belief is that each planet in our Solar System rules a different aspect of our physical life here in this physical realm.

If you are Spiritually connected, more likely than not, you have heard of the phrase Mercury going into retrograde. This term comes from the Latin word #retrogradus, which translates to "backward steps." As the name suggests, #retrograde is when a planet appears to transit backward in its orbit, as viewed from Earth. Astronomers refer to this as "apparent retrograde motion" because it is an optical illusion, something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is.

Despite five other planets currently in retrograde, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; their slow-moving orbit from the Sun lessens its impact. But when Mercury, the fastest orbiting planet, comes to a screeching halt, we are all bound to feel it, one way or another. So if you are thinking, what makes this so unique, this backward movement? Here is why:

When thinking of astronomy, realize every planet in our Solar System travels in the same direction on its journey around the Sun; none of them ever pausing and about facing back in the opposite direction. Yet, they all 'appear' to do just that from time to time. Hence the term "Mercury retrograde." To add fuel to the Mercury retrograde fire, Mercury completes its swift orbit around the Sun in 88 days, allowing its retrograde to occur up to four times in one calendar year, putting Spiritual beings on a quarterly edge.

This September, Mercury will go retrograde in the Zodiac sign of Libra. This particular retrograde in Libra is big on matters of the heart, calling for a deep inner reflection of your romantic love life. Libra is well known for relationships, contracts, and business partnerships. This is sure to bring relationship issues to the surface. With that being the case, this retrograde asks us to look at the balance, perhaps the lack thereof, within ourselves and our most important connections. This should be a time of true inner reflection on what it is that lights your heart and Soul on fire. This period is the time to evaluate these feelings and contemplate what you genuinely care about and want your future to look like.

So with this about-face, it's important to be aware and prepared for things to be shaken up, possibly! It is time to evaluate your connections and the relationships you are partaking in. Mercurys retrograde will also help expose the imbalances in the form of communications and possibly even through verbal conflicts. Due to this phenomenon, Spiritually awake beings tend to avoid certain decisions and important events during this time in the calendar year.

The belief is that the retrograde is responsible for incoming chaos, including everything from conflicts to lost items, accidents, technology, and electrical issues, and warns people to hold back on conducting important business matters during this time. Those who dread Mercury's retrograde motion believe that when the planet travels backward, its power to influence these domains positively is intensified, leading to genuine upheaval. It's important to point out that, while Mercury has a 'bad rap' for going retrograde, it doesn't necessarily mean your world will experience these towery moments.

With the #full #moon going into Pisces a day later, on September 10th, emotions are sure to be running extra high for #Pisces is one of the most sensitive, intuitive signs of the Zodiac. Rest knowing that whatever comes up during this time must be communicated. #Libra is a sign that often hides from expression to keep harmony.

This shakeup in events is intended to allow the Universal pieces to fall where they are meant to. Afterward, knowing you will be able to move forward with more clarity and confidence.

It is important to remember to stay extra vigilant during this time, calling upon our Angels and Guides if ever things seem to be spiraling. Know how guided, guarded, and protected we are. Nothing meant for us will ever miss us; nothing will ever miss us that is intended for us. Happy retrograde. Enjoy the shakeup. Let the pieces land where they are meant to. The best is still yet to be. You can always find me here on for help along the way.

Love, Light, & a Touch of Magic,

Confidentially Always,

Christine, RN

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