Our Soul & The Spiritual Connections They Make

Updated: Jan 14

The Finding of your Soul. Our Soul. The Soul; what a whimsical Energy that word gives just by putting it out into the Universe. Our Soul provides us with the Faith to Believe that there will be rainbows after rain and pots of gold at the end of them. Once you find your Soul, the rest is history. In my opinion, it will be the most defining moment in your life.

If you allow yourself to break free from your Ego, you can connect to others on a deeper Soul level. By allowing these connections, you are opening yourself up for spiritual Guides and Mentors to enter into your life and accompany you on this beautiful journey. It's on this evolutionary journey that we discover our faithful Souls' purpose. Our Soul. The part of us that defines "us." How incredible for the blessed ones who can now relate to this process and have the ability to discern one's true intention and character; without trying to play God or believing in hocus pocus. Simply by looking into another's... Eyes.

So now, without going into details on the little things, I am compelled to jump right into this burning mystical question we all have asked one time or another. How do we know? When spiritually connecting with someone on that deep of a level, whether in-person or virtually, how can we validate these Soul connections that become 'visible' between us and the eye contacts we make? How can we make sense of these energetic feelings that we are now able to not only reciprocate but convey? We try not to. Why; Because take it first hand, this is the point in the story where our Trust and Faith carry us. Once we acknowledge that our "body" is our physical form and only that, we can then understand the depth it takes. Your Soul is your existence consisting of power, character, and deep feeling. Feeling that goes beyond the physical level of our heart. Contrary, it was not until my true spiritual awakening that I gained the conscious knowledge crucial to understanding. A part of our bodies exists even after our physical form is no longer alive. Once you lose your Ego, you will understand. For many finding their Soul is where they lose their Ego. Ego; the deceiver. We were "taught" all of the "things" we were "taught"; the learned thought processes. All of these deceivers are what make up the evil in our world.

Souls. Soulmates. Mirror Souls. When you hear these words containing the word 'Soul,' what is the first energetic feeling transmitting through your mind? Is it fright? Do you feel intrigued? Peaceful, perhaps? How would you genuinely describe it, if one would ask? Safely assuming some of our 'opinions' would vary. So let's go straight to the textbook before making any mystical assumptions. The English Dictionary will now define the Soul, straight from the book itself. "Your soul is the part of you that consists of your mind, character, thoughts, and feelings." Many people have gone on in saying that they believe that their Soul continues existing even after their body no longer perfuses." Wow, that is deep. So with that being said, I will define my Soul as the one sure thing I get to 'take with me. That does sound magical! Before the excitement sets in, I warn you that spiritually connecting with ourselves takes dedication, commitment, and a significant amount of consistent energy to learn and understand our own 'emotional anatomy.' Through the proper understanding of our emotions, we can then reach the depths required to bypass our Ego, finding our true inner Soul self. The Ego, the devil in disguise. One of my most significant accomplishments; losing mine. Oh, The Enlightened, you understand, I know you do.

Spirituality is such a beautiful, mystical, and magical belief. But, not so fast, like everything else, an idea that awakens those busy putting in the 'hard' work needed to keep this world turning; spirituality. To spiritually connect to yourself and your trustworthy Guides, you first must shed through the layers of 'tough .'It's a process designed to break you. I suppose without 'dying,' we could never rebuild. Getting to your final destination is the most challenging journey (to say the least). The Blessing & The Curse; feeling so much that is.

Relationships both human and on our Souls level are more important than we know. Increasing evidence-based research proves that a lack of human connection can be more harmful to your health than other risk factors as severe as high cholesterol & high blood pressure. Realistically (& metaphorically), staying connected in this day and age is crucial to our evolution. It is essential to remember that while these soul connections are rare, know that they do exist. Learn how important they are. And I get it; trust me, I do. It is tough to encourage associations while facing the reality that we're living in a time of true disconnection. Our connections can look different for each person, whether superficial or Soul. Neither nor it is just as vital that we remember that we have to keep on making them. Without them, we may find ourselves waking up to a very lonely world one day. And if you're not sure where to start in finding a meaningful connection, that's okay. Start small; dream big. You never know what may lay in wait.



Christine Poccia, RN

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