Soil To Soul: Successfully Starting Your Garden; Metaphorically.

Updated: Feb 5

Gardening or Relationships? Which one is it Christine? In which direction are we headed on this sunny Tuesday? Which will we be cultivating?

Hard to know for sure. Interestingly enough, my strong intuition is telling me it's possible to simultaneously cultivate both.

“To plant a garden is to believe in the future.” We pour our hope into the ground and we wait with eager expectation for growth. Growth. Such a powerful word, isn't it? If we do not understand what we need to survive, how can we expect the One who holds our heart to help us thrive?

Gardening and growing. Interesting how many synchronicities there are between them and relationships. I would safely have lost a bet had I not been the test dummy to my very own project, so to speak. They are one in the same. As the co-creator of a unique life-coaching strategy, Soil to Soul, I myself know firsthand how hard healing can be, especially when it’s at the soul level.

At the forefront of growing is knowing. Pulling up, uprooting, and replanting is not something to be taken lightly. The process is not always as simple as one may initially think. It takes commitment and most of all patience. There will be times of despair; times your seeds don’t sprout; times your mind is filled with everything but positive affirmations. I can say firsthand, I know how difficult and scary it can feel, even with a lifetime full of knowledge and experience.

The process of growing and doing all that’s necessary to prepare for growth is scary, but what I find even scarier is the thought that a time may come in our world when we become too tired to even try. What would happen if the world stopped planting? What would happen if every farmer stopped harvesting their crops? The world would stop growing. What would happen if you found yourself waking up one day to a life that seemed without purpose? And you stayed there? What if each and every one of us decided to stay there? Then we would never be here!

Spiritual growth is essential. Master training your brain to focus only on the positives is the key to successfully growing inside and out.

There will be times when we are asked to face the unimaginable, and unfortunately for us, we will not have a choice; yet, while these trials and tribulations feel unfair, we must continue to remind ourselves of this precious gift of life we were given and continue to seek what joy from it we can while we still have the chance. We are sadly reminded all too often just how quickly it can all be taken away. Let’s not take for granted the blessings we can still cling to, even as we struggle with difficulties, challenges, heartbreak, and loss.

While it’s sometimes only a momentary comfort in the thick of our hardest seasons of life, we should strive to quiet our souls in recognizing that these painstaking seasons where so much is uprooted and lost are preparing us for future growth. They are shaping us into who we are meant to be, in ways we can’t yet see or imagine. This is where we must try to remind ourselves that all is not lost even when it feels that way and where we must cling to hope.

My love of gardening has given me the ability to heal in ways I never could have. Perhaps it may sound strange to some, but we all heal in our own individualized ways. The goal is to figure out what yours is. For me, gardening is a soothing, family-oriented hobby, that provides so much on so many levels. Nowadays, as lockdowns make their way back again, I see few better opportunities for us to get out into the fresh air, get our hands dirty and heal.

When I think of #growth, I think of all the fears I overcame throughout my journey. All the crosses that felt too heavy to carry, the ones we look back on to find out we carried them with #Grace despite the struggle seeming so #overwhelming. What is it that comes to your mind when you reflect on the ways you’ve grown through pain and difficulty?

True growth is knowing while you are walking through the rain, the #rainbow lies just ahead. It’s knowing that while the soil looks barren on the surface, sprigs of green are just waiting to burst through and rise above it.

I suppose I now understand why so many #healers have turned to the garden as their outlet. We love to heal. We love learning. We love the feeling we get when we #harvest our #crop.

The Bible says “those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” Whether you believe or not, it’s an awesome thought to hold on to. Good times are coming. Growth is coming. We will be joyful again.

For relationships to 'germinate,' a solid foundation is necessary. Too little or too much of anything can become toxic to a relationship. #Connections alike require immediate, concentrated care. #Growing through life without knowledge only sets up our future generations for failure. Again, ignorance isn't bliss.

I suppose I just got to the root cause of why I am so passionate about healing from #home. Without you even noticing, something as simple as the improper handling of 'your #seeds' can destroy the entire garden you worked so hard to grow.

It's not the 'ghost' with the sheet over his head that we should be scared of. The witch called the witch was not the witch. I hope you can now see that. Without our conscious consent, our brains have already been prewired to perceive things a specific way, intentionally.

As your 'person,' I will leave you with this; nothing is too hard; nowhere is too far. It is perfectly ok to not be ok, but it is not ok to tell no one. Silence killed more dreams than words ever did. Whether you or someone you know is suffering, the difference is none. Be the change we all wish to see in this world. Help put out its flames. Continue to allow yourself the possibility of letting the new in and releasing the old. We can not grow alone in the dark. Countless years of mine could have been free from so much hurt had the right person been there to whisper those very words into my ear. Your power lies in you. There is strength in numbers. It takes two. #Relationships and #gardens alike rely on consistent, loving, and compassionate care. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Water your grass, don't worry about your neighbor’s being greener. You have no idea what theirs is fertilized with. Be kind. Be gentle with yourself. Be hopeful.


Always, Christine Poccia, RN


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