Using Tarot Cards For A Higher Good. Angelic Oracle Card Reads.

Through my #awakening #journey, it became apparent that I was genuinely connected to Source on a much deeper level than I am currently even capable of explaining. If asked, the best way I would define it is... being... guided, guarded, protected & blessed. Sometimes I feel like a broken record. But that is God's honest truth. When you are enlightened and genuinely committed to your #spiritual #beliefs, it is almost as if you are in the passenger seat of your own #car; being taken on a wild roller coaster ride, blindfolded.

It is trusting in the unknown based on knowing. It's seeing that spiritual connections exist in all aspects of others and your own life. It is waking up with a new #perspective, almost as if someone took all of the fear and replaced it with reassurance. #Faith. Faith that it will all be ok in the end. The comfort in knowing your #Angels are always with you really can change your life. I pray on your awakening journey, somehow, this will resonate. Now with that being said, let us talk #TAROT!

Tarot, Angelic, and #Oracle #cards give us Spiritual beings a beautifully creative way to connect with our #Spirits, #Guides, and #Angels. In the connections we make with these innovative creations, lightworkers worldwide can receive high-level guidance and comfort, allowing us to communicate these uplifting messages to other Spiritual beings during their lifetime here on Earth.

Keep in mind. Each & every one of us descends onto this physical #realm as #psychic individuals. It is what we do with those capabilities that #manifest the abilities into, well, #magic. We all are born with five senses. These five senses all play a role in our abilities and our sixth sense; in other words, our intuition. These abilities can become more powerful with practice and knowing that each is like a muscle that we can build upon and make stronger with #passion and discipline. By tapping in on and using your own psychic abilities, you can tap into different realms and relate messages to loved ones both near and far. This is a beautiful power to have. So with that #power, you can use it however you wish. Ensuring you are continuously operating for the higher good, that is.

Using spiritual, #oracle, and tarot cards is a beautifully creative way to deliver these uplifting messages, the true purpose of Angelic readings. Regardless of the type of cards you are using, it offers the collective a positive and uplifting experience. Both the reader and the beings connecting to the reader learn how to become more spiritual; it's a win, win.

It is important to remember when using tarot cards, it is essential to ensure the content you are using is for the higher good of all. By changing your perspective by the way you look at these societal norms, you are inturn changing your life. By allowing perception to enlighten you that there truly is no bad card in the tarot deck. Therefore; no bad should come from usng them. It is all about your perception when interpreting them. Cards like #death and the #devil can convey positive change & #transformation. While the #Tower can portray a life-changing event that brings a positive outcome.

What is truly magical in doing Angelic readings is that our angels direct us, not the cards. The cards become the bridge you walk over to cross into your higher consciousness. In meeting your higher consciousness, you can connect to the energy of your angel or guide that really is within the here and now.

Angel card readings are indeed about connecting you to your angels and the #wisdom they have to offer. It allows us to see the blessings in disguise in our everyday lives. Using our own inner powers will enable us to transform and grow. And while Angel card readings may not be for everyone – those with an open mind and a willingness to grow can be a hugely beneficial tool for spiritual, personal, and professional development.

Remembering that nothing is set in stone and that the future is something you create yourself is very #empowering. Activating your magical powers should be at the forefront of your focus now that you know this secret! So get out to your metaphysical boutique and turn self-care into soul care. You may amaze, even yourself!

To Connect With Me On My Spiritual Path Tune Onto My #YouTube #Channel: Christine Poccia.



Christine Poccia, RN

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