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The connections we make in this lifetime shape our lives for better or worse. There are so many mystical terms that are given to the, well, other parts of our being. Philosophers & Greek mythologists have varying opinions on defining these connections. Today's blog will delve into the true meaning of these connections/contracts we prearrange before descending onto this physical realm.

Soul mates and #twin #flames often get used interchangeably, but knowing the varying differences is essential. A soulmate does not always have to be romantically inclined with you. A soulmate can present as a sibling, a family member, a friend, and yes, indeed, as a romantic partner. This loving connection exists spiritually, giving a deep natural feeling of similarities, comfort & trust, regardless of whether #intimacy and sexual activity are desired or involved.

In the twin flame connection, one Soul has ascended to a high enough level that it has the #energetic power to split into two, entering two separate bodies simultaneously. Now when this happens, these two beings are connected so that no other could be. This one Soul becomes two beings, perfectly made for one another.

Once finding their way back to each other, they will be amazed at the many synchronicities around their twin flame connection. Reassuringly, in those synchronicities, they are actually being guided, by our Divine Creator, towards one another. Reunion is the pure goal.

The perfect missing piece to their dismembered puzzle. Realizing you are the other piece of another being's Soul can be scary and confusing, especially if Divine timing does not align with your timing. This can usually delay the reunion until both beings realize they are purely just one.

While reunion seems like pure bliss, it can also be challenging. This is due to the mirroring nature of your twin flame; they, and only they, can show you your deepest insecurities, fears, and shadows. While that may sound scary, what is beautiful about this Union is that it is designed to help you overcome every obstacle and vice versa; side by side.

Many twin flames may end up being confused with fear and doubt. Was it all a lie? Was it all an illusion? The answer, frankly, is "No." This magical intensity that you have experienced was not a figment of your imagination. The sense of familiarity and déjà vu you felt wasn't a mystical apparition. It was and is accurate. Knowledge is power, so we must constantly educate ourselves on the different spiritual connections we may encounter during this lifetime. If not, we may miss out on our true life paths purpose.

Now, while coming into reunion with your twin flame is considered the most magical Soul encounter a person can experience, there still is a chance that you may never reunite with your twin flame. Why? Because for this reunion to occur, both beings must realize that this Union is Divinely Guided. This process can be lengthy and sometimes nonexistent without divine timing and intervention. While operating from a 3D way of thinking, we tend to use our Ego. Without breaking through that subconscious, it may not be possible to recognize this connection for what it is. The part of your Soul that has separated; but together compromises just one. The missing piece, the one you may have gone on searching for, for decades.

The most astonishing part of this reunion is that only your twin flame has the power to allow you to break through your subconscious, regardless of how your twin flame ignites or intensifies your Spiritual Awakening. They can initiate this Awakening, allowing you to let go of your Ego; and join together as one.

A mystical bond forms during the twin flame reunion, irrespective of how or when their energy is merged. We owe this to the energy exchange with your twin flame your entire lifetime, whether you've met them on this realm yet or not. This connection is almost impossible not to recognize.

The physical meeting of this twin flame intensifies the energy of your being. This feeling is something you carry with you your entire life. It is a longing for the other part of your Soul. This connection is often referred to as "Soul longing ." It is also not uncommon for twin flames to be in a karmic relationship or still seek third-party relationships even when coming into Union with you. Trust that your timing is guided, and a reunion will naturally occur. What is also important to remember is that there will always be the recognition that something inside of you changed upon meeting your twin flame. You will never be the same person you once were.

Twin flames union is not designed to be logical. Ego has a considerable role in the uniting of twin flames. It isn't uncommon for one or both beings to feel doubt and confusion. Still, internally, the twin flames often go through a deep shock of realization that their longing is over. Everything they have ever looked for is a pure reflection of their most beautiful parts, standing right in front of them.

Many philosophers also have noted deep recognition in that first initial reaction, their first physical meeting. Remember that this first deep spiritual recognition on a Soul level is one's intuition and Soul pulling them towards where they belong, in Divine Guidance.

Upon meeting your twin flame, you may notice that your feeling of Soul aching almost instantly dissipates. It is not until that moment that you feel the other part of you sees you, the real you. This feeling is one's higher self recognizing that their twin is present in this lifetime. What makes that magical is that this Union is unbreakable. You even can connect with your twin flame through deep meditation, even when physically apart. It is not unheard of to even feel their presence because they are always within you.

With the twin flame reunion, it is not uncommon for Ego to step in, even with the realization that your longing for home is over. It is also not even unusual for the runner to run full steam ahead and block out the link altogether out of pure feelings of fear and insecurities. This is often referred to as the "runner" in the connection. If there is one thing that every twin flame runner and chaser feels when going into separation, it is fear. The chaser in the twin flame journey is the person in this connection who realizes their Soul is being mirrored back to them and how much they need the other person in their life. It is then that they will get into contact with their twin flame and pursue a friendship or relationship. As a result, it is inevitable that almost every twin flame relationship battles through pain and discernment at first.

When Ego is finally disengaged, it is then that you become capable of sharing identical soul frequencies. Connections can be made on higher realms, messages can be channeled through deep meditation, and loving energy can be transmitted directly into their Souls. It has been said by twin flames that in reunion, the loving energy is so impactful it almost feels as if the person is inside of them, healing their heart and Soul. This can be attributed to the Divinely Guided union's purpose: to heal, mature, and allow two beings to become the best versions of themselves, forever, joined in true partnership.

Once all blocks are removed, Twin flames are the absolute epitome of love, faith, and truth; the pair is returned to the core of love. Twin Flame Union is important because of the immense love that two Twin Flames coming together creates. This is why it's important to fully see all Twin Flames in their Harmonious Union, rather than judging and questioning the connection of others. When Twin Flames come together, a massive ray of passion and glow shines onto the Universe. When Twin Flames become one, they naturally align our Universe to more Unity and Divinity by loving each other and choosing Unity. The universe devised this Divine plan for these two beings to encounter one another during this lifetime and together evolve.

Many Twin Flames do a considerable level of healing before Union. What's magical is an even deeper level of healing that being in Divine Union presents. The true beauty of a twin flame connection is that it can change us with love allowing us to shed the life we knew before realizing that we had outgrown it. This is the Divine Alchemy of Divine Love. It truly is.

Knowing that someone, somewhere holds the other portion of your soul is what dreams are made of. And, to actually connect and fall into union with your other half seems to me, to be the perfect ending to the most amazing love story. Good luck on your journey. May you be divinely guided and divinely blessed.

Until We Meet Again,

Christine Poccia, RN

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