Understanding The Why's In Life

Updated: Apr 11

'It is only in changing our #perspective that we can truly understand the suffering we all must endure to fall into our true inner power.' Christine

If you feel alone in your hard times. As if no one could possibly understand. You are not. Sadly to note, a significant majority of our world suffers in silence, carrying a bag of hardships in solitude. This sad reality magnifies the importance of mental health awareness & encourages us to look behind the box.

Waking Up Into A New Reality

At times, it may feel as though you are the only person going through such difficult times. As if you are the only person in the world whose life seems to be unfolding like the Tower Card in the good old oracle deck. The truth is, you are not. According to extensive World Health Organization Research, an estimated 21.0 million adults in the United States have suffered from at least one episode of a depressive event. Without even delving into depression, our Universe faces countless other mental health problems, with new instances on the rise every hour. While that statement alone is enough to send chills down each of our spines, it comes with a fundamental lesson.

The hard reality is that sometimes, our plans in this life do not align with the objectives the Divine has prearranged for us. In this realization, sadness, fear, & even anxiety may rear their ugly heads. Why, we ask? Because, with this realization, we are losing a part of our inner power and control. When this happens, we lose our sense of self and purpose.

We all know that to be truly happy in this life, one must feel empowered. When facing difficult situations, our emotional anatomy shows true. It is there where you may lose your faith and fall into a void of darkness. But right here and then, you can be making the biggest mistake.


Letting go of expectations is one of the first steps to living a happy, fulfilled life, despite the obstacles we face. See, when we set expectations, we essentially give our power away. We must understand we can not control the way people think, feel, or react. Ever. And yes, I know you may try to, you may want to, but ultimately, how they act is up to them. With that being said, allowing yourself to base your feelings of happiness, worth, or confidence on the actions or reactions of other people is the true culprit of living in unhappiness. Once we set free of the expectations of life and just let it unfold as it Divinely should, we realize we aren't being punished when 'bad' things happen; we are growing. It is in these lessons we are given these opportunities to open up or to shut down. The choice is up to us. It truly is our perspective; how we look at these challenges that shape us into who we become.


Many precious options are present when we feel at the 'lowest points in our lives.' The natural thing for us all to do when faced with uncomfortable challenges is to close ourselves off to them, ignore them, or even worse, obsess over them. It is not uncommon during these times to even try to pad the situation we are facing and replace it with things that do not serve us. Losing your ground makes it hard to hold ourselves together. This is the part in our journey where we have no choice but to embrace the pain or run from it.


We allow ourselves to look at the bigger picture by changing our perspective. Our ability to change our thought patterns through challenging situations is one of the best measures of our ability to live a fulfilled life. Understanding that our path is ordered even when it's tough is where we reach self-actualization. In this, we can understand what we see as misfortune is not a sign of punishment because it is in this death that we are truly reborn. In these moments, we need to gather the faith in the Divine to be able to take these hardships as a message from our Maker that better things will come from these trials and tribulations. We can eliminate the fear and anxiety that presents when we are asked to face these unprecedented times by changing our perspective; changing our mindset!

So while yes, these troubling times pull on our heartstrings, sometimes bringing us to our knees, understanding that without the dark, we would never see the light. The light is what keeps us going.


So if you are experiencing heartache or confusion, know that this too shall pass. This is all part of the transformational process we undergo in this lifetime. To indeed ascend above your subconscious, we need to understand the purpose of these valuable lessons. During these difficult times, I encourage you to continue finding positivity in the situations that arise and explore sources of positive influence such as blogs, mentorship, and spiritual leaders. Having a mentor during these times will also help you on this painstaking journey. Know that we are always guided and protected, and God will never give us more than we can handle. Have faith in the future and know the best is yet to come.

& if during these times, you shall ever need me, you can always find me here; or on Christinepoccia.com.



Christine Poccia

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