Guiding You Through Grief

To help you with the emotional pain that naturally occurs during the grievance process; Christine Poccia has co-created a unique Spiritually guided grievance program designed to help fill the void of loss; the void many of us carry with us, each and every day. Losing a loved one can be beyond devastating. The grievance process can be unimaginable. While will work on gaining the appropriate guidance; allowing you to find the strength and faith to heal. We will explore regrets, pent up feelings, and create a special space to hold memorial for the one you miss the most.

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Soil To Soul

A unique course co-created with the focus on creating connections in your life and watching them 'grow'. Using 'Soil to Soul' as a life tool you will be able to cultivate relationships and prevent misunderstandings and prevent conflicts. Throughout the course, we will be using soil and nature as a healing mechanism. We will learn how to nurture and prepare your soil for planting. Using this metaphoric process as an analogy to relationships, we will start from the ground,  build the foundation, prep the soil, plant our seeds, and watch them grow. By using earth's natural elements to promote healing, you will obtain the power needed that only nature can provide to accomplish all of your heart's wishes and water the part of your Soul that feels most dry. Soil to Souls' purpose is to guide you during life's journey.  To teach you the importance of health and well-being. A course to give you the foundation you need to live the life you deserve.

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Intuitive Guidance

A disconnect amongst your Soul can leave you feeling like you are living a life with no purpose.  By reconnecting with your soul you are helping to open up the desire to look more deeply for the meaning of your life.  A life without meaning can leave you feeling sad, nervous, anxious and can intrude on the happy moments in your everyday life. Through intuitive direction, I will lead you on the path to mending what leaves you feeling so incomplete.  Once your heart and mind are unified, the possibilities are infinite.  Through this mind, body, spirit, & soul aligning process, we allow ourselves the unique power of changing and creating our lives however we dream it to be.  

Let's begin your journey of healing and dreaming, together. Let go, release, and believe in yourself. Self-empowerment awaits us all.

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Full Moon


During this transformative session we will ground and focus on the negative pent up emotions we have been holding on to for too long. Using fire as a symbol of wisdom, passion, and detoxification we will purify our minds, hearts, and souls . During this 60 minute ritual burning ceremony  we will write down our intentions, speak them out loud, and let them incinerate; serving as a way of releasing the past, negativity, old resentments, or regrets,  Using music and guided meditation we will find your power and take it back. This powerful reset & release technique is essential in taking your power back!

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Exploring Soul Connections

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