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Meet Christine

Christine, a unique blend of a Metaphysical Boutique Owner and a Registered Professional Nurse, is based in Sarasota County. She leverages her Spirituality as a canvas and her creativity as her voice to foster healing and connect with other Spiritual beings globally.


Christine's boutique is a testament to her resilience and determination to reclaim the magic that 2020 and beyond threatened to extinguish. Her experience as a Registered Nurse during the pandemic and her subsequent quest for healing and purpose inspired her to share the power of holistic healing through crystals and positive intentions. 


Throughout her journey, it became evident that Spiritual health and positive thinking could help guide people to where they aspire to be. As she thrived and embraced her new beginning, she made a promise and commitment to live better, to give back, and to help empower others through her handmade creations. What started as crystal accessories has now become a full metaphysical boutique. Her goal: To Bring in Love, Light, & a Touch of Magic!

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


So how can we heal? By aligning our minds, heart, and souls. When you ignore your inner self, when your heart and soul do not align, you pave a path toward a future that may not be meant for you. If you forego taking chances, you will miss out on living your life to its full potential. I will help you pave a path toward a better future. One better than you could have hoped for. Without guidance and empowerment, you will stay in the same place and never grow. I am not promising miracles or magic. What I can promise is to help with healing, internal healing, from the inside out. 

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