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Meet Christine

A Registered Professional Nurse & Life Coach Located in Sarasota County, her home is her sanctuary, nestled in a wildlife preserve. She utilizes her outdoor space as a canvas and her intuition as her voice to promote virtual healing and connect with clients worldwide.


Christine began operating as an Intuitive Life Coach to give back to the world what 2020 and beyond took away. Through her work as a Registered Nurse during the height of the pandemic and her journey to find a new purpose and healing in the aftermath, she became committed to helping guide and inspire others through life experience, insight, and empowerment.


Over the course of her journey, it became evident to her that mental health awareness, self-care, and positive thinking could help guide people to where they aspire to be in life. As she thrived and embraced her new beginning, she made a promise and commitment to live better, to give back,  and to help empower others, no insurance needed.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


So how can we heal? By aligning our minds, heart, and souls. When you ignore your inner self, when your heart and soul do not align, you pave a path toward a future that may not be meant for you. If you forego taking chances, you will miss out on living your life to its full potential. I will help you pave a path toward a better future. One better than you could have hoped for. Without guidance and empowerment, you will stay in the same place and never grow. I am not promising miracles or magic. What I can promise is to help with healing, internal healing, from the inside out. 

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